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    Elizabeth Senor

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my pre-teen daughter, my family, and my pets. I enjoy gardening, and completing home projects. I enjoy helping my family members when they face challenges. I also enjoy tutoring young adults with executive functioning needs.

    Email:¬†[email protected]

    What are your specialties?

    My specialties are working with older teens and young adults. I have a great deal of experience working with individuals with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression. I have many years of experience providing telehealth to adults, young adults, children, and families.

    Who are you as a therapist?

    I am a licensed Social Worker, Certified School Social Worker, and Master of Social Work. I work well with young adults and older teens. I have a great deal of experience working with individuals with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    What inspired you to become a therapist?

    I became a therapist to help people of all ages to be happy and proud of their accomplishments.

    How do I know if therapy is working?

    If therapy is successful for you, we will see an improvement in your daily happiness, confidence to manage your symptoms, and improved relationships with others.

    What can I expect when working with you?

    I am an empathetic listener, services are guided by your goals and comfort level, and I am someone who you can trust when sharing your thoughts and feelings.

    What are your passions when it comes to therapy? What is your expertise?

    I am passionate about each individual feeling comfortable with the things that they share in therapy, feeling confident about their progress with their goals, and letting the client work towards their life goals, as each day can show progress.